Your Guide to the Best Mattress Protector For Your New Mattress: All You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to finding the Best Mattress Protector for your Mattress

The day has come, you have decided to purchase a brand new mattress and it has finally arrived! You have waded through the possibilities of mattresses and have chosen THE one. What a great investment in your health!

Buying a new mattress is one of those adult milestones that feels like you are taking charge of your life, but it also feels indulgent because a mattress is not just necessary, it is a comfort item and a pleasure item. With great power comes great responsibility, and now that it is delivered and unpacked, your new mattress needs protecting. You likely spent a pretty penny on this investment and you do not want a late-night snack (wink) to reduce the value of your brand new buy.

That is where a mattress protector comes in. Not only will a quality mattress protector expand and preserve the lifespan of the mattress, but it will also reduce common cleanliness issues from normal use and preserve the health quality of having a new mattress. This is especially important if you will be expecting guests to use the mattress (think AirBNB), but is great to have for individual use as well.

What is a Mattress Protector/Cover?

It’s a removable cover that goes over the top of the mattress used to maintain the condition and quality of the mattress. It is much easier to maintain and clean than the mattress itself and can often be thrown into the laundry for easy cleanup. A mattress protector can be made from various materials aimed to protect both you and your mattress. The materials range from cotton, polyester and may include other components such as vinyl, for it to become resistant to water particles. Moreover, it may serve as an additional provider of comfort, but the main purpose is to protect the mattress from normal wear and tear (and any other organic items that may come into contact with the mattress otherwise).

We will dive more thoroughly into the benefits of the protectors later in the article and we will do a breakdown of the characteristics. Let’s now together research the purpose of the mattress protector and find out the best ones available out there. We sincerely hope that by the end of the article you will be able to easily choose the right one for you and/or your loved ones!

Why Should You Buy a Mattress Protector for Your Mattress?

Here are just a few of the benefits of buying a mattress protector:

  • Quite affordable: According to our research, mattress protectors are much more affordable than mattress pads and toppers. You will be able to find many high-quality protectors starting at around $30.
  • Easy Care and Wash Process: These protectors are very simple to clean and preserve. As you will see in our best mattress protector list below, it’s a quick process. You just put those into the washing machine and voila!
  • Ultra-light: Another benefit of the protectors is their lightweight. Mattress pads and toppers tend to be very unnecessarily heavy, whereas a protector is truly light and simple to put on and take off when necessary.
  • Can Relieve the Hot-sleeper: A hot sleeper is someone who constantly feels too warm during the night. Hot sleepers will often wake up due to feeling their body temperature is too high, which can lead to sleep deprivation if steps aren’t taken to sleep at a cooler temperature.
  • Improves Quality Sleep: Sleep may be one of the most underrated factors in human health and performance. The quality and quantity of sleep you get could be the difference between sickness and health and between a bad mood and a good day. Many sources conclude that the most optimal amount of sleep for the body and mind is 6-8 hours on average. We dynamically spend our energy throughout the day and need good quality sleep to repair and recharge. Without an adequate amount of sleep, we won’t be able to operate at the optimal capacity of our potential. Getting less than the required amount of sleep is truly harmful to our health and can cause long term health-related issues. If you want to find out how many hours of sleep you need you may want to take our quiz by this link.

Types of Protection

Mattress Protectors do just that, protect the mattress and prolongs its warranty: This is the most obvious perk of a mattress protector/cover. A mattress cover will protect your mattress against many different things including liquid spills, bugs, and other unnecessary items.

  • Liquids:

Accidents and spills happen. When it does happen on your mattress, those stains could be permanent (or at least very difficult to clean). Waterproof mattress protectors are great because they repel liquids and can be washed separately, so your mattress is kept in good as new condition even if you knock over a glass of wine or your kid has an accident in bed. Waterproof mattress protectors can extend the life of your mattress by protecting against everyday wear and tear and allergens as well.

  • Bedbugs:

Bed bugs can be a huge nuisance since it’s very difficult to get rid of them when they infest a mattress. Usually, the only solution is to replace the mattress. So if you want to protect your bed from these ugly pests, we recommend getting an encasement. This is a six-sided protector that closes with a zipper, so it guards your mattress from all sides.

  • Allergens:

If you have allergies, you are going to want to look for something that will fully encase your mattress and something that has anti-allergen features. The full encasement will also protect bed bugs with the bed bug barrier, nobody wants bed bugs, yuck. Hypoallergenic materials are often used for mattress protectors, and even if you don’t have year-round allergy problems, seasonal allergies can be problematic, and you may want to consider a hypoallergenic mattress protector. These can also be essential for people with asthma, COPD, and other breathing ailments.

The Products We Recommend

We based our recommendations on the top high rated mattress protectors’ reviews all over the internet. Several criteria for discussion besides customer reviews were the features the protector offers, the price, warranty, ease of maintenance and others. We will examine the options together and will be able to choose the one that is best for you.

  • LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector

We will open our list by introducing LUCID and their premium waterproof mattress protector. It’s described as super soft, hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable. You can find it on Amazon for less than $20. This protector is promising to keep you utterly comfortable all night long.

Materials that comprise this mattress cover are bamboo rayon and cotton. These kinds of components make the cover smooth and cozy. Moreover, it is considered a great mattress against water and it is highly breathable. It will help reduce hot sleeping by keeping the temperature cooler. According to their description, they use STRATOSMART in the protector to make it even stronger and reliable. It is aimed to be resistant to dust, fluids and allergic particles penetrating the mattress.

One of the things that makes this product unique is the period of warranty they provide; 15 years! When researching the strength of the mattress you may come across various tutorials and tests recorded by various reviewers, consumers, and experts. One thing they all concluded about this cover is that it worked great. According to those tests, when pouring a liquid on the cover of the mattress and placing a towel underneath it, not even a drop of the poured liquid leaked through the cover. We can confidently state that this cover does what it promises, it’s 100% waterproof. Quite impressive, would you agree?

Additionally, the hypoallergenic characteristics of the mattress covers are important to many consumers and should be important to you as well. Whether you are prone to having allergic reactions or not, always check the hypoallergenic qualities of your purchase. The material in this one is made from is cotton. Aside from not causing any health concerns, it is silent and doesn’t cause excess annoying noises. Even though this mattress protector made to our best mattress protector list, it does have a few drawbacks. For the hot sleepers, it is not very convenient, as internet reviewers emphasize the fact that it fails to keep them cool during their sleep. Of course, you can check for yourself if you feel inclined to test it out.

Overall, this Lucid protector is available in plenty of sizes and is of very high quality in regards to breathability and materials. Don’t forget the guaranteed advantage you have.

  • Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

The next mattress protector we are going to discuss is the Luna Premium. Not only is it a great deal, but it also has an immense range of sizes. Just like our previously discussed cover, this one also comes with a 15-year warranty. That makes it a product with great value, but there is a lot more to say about this protector.

In the sphere of sleep-related products, Luna is one of the most common and well-known names. It has maintained its reputation over the years and is a very stable product provider currently. As we already discussed, the hypoallergenic functions of the mattress are of utmost importance. Again, when researching Luna’s mattress, you will come across various tests (like in other examples) of water resistance. OneYouTuber showcases how the Luna cover earns its place in our ‘best mattress protector’ list. Not only does it protects from liquid and moisture, but it also repels the small drops away.

This Luna mattress protector is also very soft to the touch due to the materials. Some sources state that because of the quality of water-repelling and material it is made from, it can be noisy during movements.

The washing care is fairly simple, you should just be careful while washing it and wash it every month at the latest.

Let’s now discuss the next brand on the best mattress protectors list.

  • Naturepedic Mattress Protector

The next mattress cover on our list is a product from Naturepedic. Just like the name implies its all-natural and a very soft protector. It’s designed to shield the mattress from water and other fluids that may damage the mattress if spilled. Also, it offers great protection from dust particles.

The spillage test shows that it is quite a good option for the price. The only drawback it may have is the structure, as it doesn’t cover the whole mattress. This way it makes the mattress vulnerable to allergens and possibly bedbugs.

As for its other characteristics, it is ultra-thin, making it less likely that you will feel any discomfort with it. It is all made up of natural components. The main one is cotton,  which is extremely soft. It’s rated 10/10 regarding health concerns, as it does not contain any harmful ingredients like vinyl. You can purchase it with full confidence that it doesn’t contain toxins. The reviews state that it doesn’t cause any excess noise while covering the mattress and or sleeping on it. It can truly provide tranquillity to your sleep. Many reviews agree that this mattress protector is truly amazing to sleep on.

  • Purple Mattress Protector

The next brand we are going to discuss offers a great variety of sleep-related products. Their mattress protectors are no exception when it comes to great deals. The one we are going to discuss is a five-sided cover.

This product offers full liquid protection. It is truly one of the best regarding the resistance to liquids and spills. It is ultra-thin and consists of 2 layers made from spandex and polyurethane. These two materials result in making it highly water-resistant and very easy to stretch and fit. This one is winning in waterproof characteristics in our best mattress protector list. Due to the stretching ability, it fits and covers plenty of mattress sizes. The spandex that is used for this protector is very high quality according to the producers and makes it a breathable cover for the buyers’ use.

Another aspect we will discuss is the noise it makes. Some reviewers say that it’s very light and doesn’t bother them and their sleep at all. These reviews were written by people that indicated that they sleep very light and hear every sound near them. So if you don’t belong to the list of the people who sleep this way, you may not even hear the sounds of the mattress protector.

The care process is also fairly easy for this mattress cover. You just have to take it off and carefully wash it in the washing machine. Once it is washed, let it dry naturally and then you can use it over and over. A lot of producers recommend washing it at least once a month for best results.

The producer of this cover offers a huge variety of sizes, covering small and the largest beds. We truly believe you will find the sizing you need with this brand.

  • Casper Mattress Protector

If you reached here, you are really determined to find the best mattress protector for you. Casper is one of the most popular names when researching sleep-related products. It offers a wide variety of items to improve your sleep and rest. As for the mattress protectors, it has only one product, called the mattress protector. According to the producer it offers premium quality, looks good and fully guards your mattress against all tears and liquid spills. Additionally, it is perfect for a machine washing.

This protector is a five-sided cover for your mattress. It not only provides full protection but also some additional comfort as well. It is structured in such a way that its padding is an additional layer of softness. A mattress protector and an additional layer of softness provider. So, if you are looking for a two-in-one solution, this is the best mattress protector for you.

Moreover, due to its mini pores in the protector, it is very breathable. It is constructed in such a way that it is completely noise-free. Thus, it won’t interfere with how you sleep. It does not matter what type of mattress you are protecting, this product suits ever different type and size.

Lastly, it is very easy to put on and take off, and easy to take good care of with machine washing. Reviews all over the internet stated that you should be careful if you are using this with a thinner mattress, or at least consider the mattress thickness when choosing a size since it may cause some wrinkly spaces.

  • Amerisleep’s Mattress Protector

After a thorough analysis of the web, you will see a lot of claims that Amerisleep’s protector is the best mattress protector to ever exist. Its structure, design and lightweight texture place it on the top for many many buyers lists. It does not make any noise while you sleep and is extremely breathable.

100% waterproof. The issue here is there is no all-natural way to make a mattress waterproof, without the use of either dangerous chemicals or polyurethane.

This mattress cover does not entirely close the mattress, but it fits the whole mattress and is very easy to put on and off. The washing process is also pretty simple, you just do it with the help of the washing machine. It can be fitted to lots of various bed sizes, encompassing a majority of mattresses. Moreover, it perfectly fights dirt and dust particles and keeps the mattress clean for a long time, by shielding it from these harsh elements.

You should take into account that polyurethane is not organic and is made using some chemicals, but it is not harmful, as it does not contain VOCs, PVC, and dangerous chemicals. This protector is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100%. In other words, it does not contain harsh chemicals and is safe for your health. It is mainly made from cotton, polyester, and polyurethane— a plastic that is more durable than latex, thus resulting in the protector being very strong.

You may ask, what is making this protector in our best mattress protector list? The waterproof qualities of the protector can be attributed to polyurethane, as it makes the mattress protector 100% waterproof. The issue here is there is no all-natural way to make a mattress waterproof, without the use of either dangerous chemicals or polyurethane.

The mattress protector includes a five-year warranty, as there may be some defects in the materials. We would also like to mention the fact that the warranty may not be supported if you didn’t wash it according to their washing instructions.

  • Linenspa Mattress Protector Review

The last mattress cover that made to our best mattress protector list is Linen’s protector. Linenspa’s product is the best mattress protector if you want protection against bed bugs. Not only it offers 100% guaranteed shield from these creatures, but also it’s an amazing product with other characteristics. It has a very soft surface and is breathable. Moreover, it’s waterproof and that will relieve you from the fear of spilling something on it.

Additionally, reviews tell us that this is also a very quiet and comfortable product. It is the type of mattress protector that covers the entire mattress while also protecting it from insects. The zipper that it includes is a very helpful addition and will guide you on the proper installation of the cover.

Overall, the Linenspa’s protector is definitely a good deal, if you are concerned with bed bugs. Also, you should bear in mind that the standard size of this mattress protector may not be suitable for all bed types.

BONUS: Several other ways for preserving your mattress

  1. Routinely wash your bed sheets

Often when we sleep we move and shift, some people more than others. By these movements, you activate your production of sweat and also deposit oil, hair, and dead skin cells onto your sheets. Your sheets are your first line of defense, and routine washing can prevent the layers of the mattress and mattress protector from becoming too saturated with those discarded body cells.

The perfect time period for washing bed sheets is every week or two. It doesn’t matter if you use the best mattress protector, hygiene should be always taken into account.

  1. Periodically change the position of your mattress

Experts suggest that in addition to good hygiene practices and a great mattress protector, changing the position of your mattress will expand its lifespan. Why is it important you may ask? In the first years of the mattress’s life, it is important to adjust its position to you. When you change it, its different surfaces adjust to your body and its movements. Our advice is to change the position of your mattress by rotating it so that the head “head” becomes the “toe” every three months.

  1. Move the location of your mattress carefully

If there is a need for moving the mattress, you should take a few precautions. During the move, protect it with plastic or other materials to keep it clean. Try to also keep the mattress in a straight position, as bending or folding it will damage the quality of it. If you ask some mattress experts, they suggest using a hard-surfaced bags for the move or relocation of the mattress. They are very reliable and will help you with safe transportation. Your main concerns should be keeping it straight and if at all possible, flat. Our advice is to be extremely careful.

We truly hope that after reading our article, you will confidently say that we helped you find the best mattress protector out there!

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