what does the Casper mattress mean to Michael Rapaport?

“It’s the most comfortable mattress in the world.”His words, not ours. The Casper mattress completely changed Michael Rapaport’s life. Since night one, he’s been sleeping, dreaming, and waking up

“It’s the most comfortable mattress in the world.”

His words, not ours. The Casper mattress completely changed Michael Rapaport’s life. Since night one, he’s been sleeping, dreaming, and waking up a better person. But don’t take our word for it:

“It feels like it’s magic. But it’s science. It’s mattress science.”

That’s because there are 30 Casper researchers, designers, and engineers in a San Francisco lab constantly working on ways to improve sleep. This world renowned team has poured years of obsessive design into making the Casper mattress really, really comfortable.

Get this: Before launch, they spent 3,240 hours testing hundreds of formulations of foam, and even developed 108 prototypes before landing on the Casper’s supportive sleep surface. It’s not rocket science… it’s mattress science.

“I slept on one of those random foam mattresses before. I’d wake up sweating, t-shirt stuck to my body. I was disgusted.”

It’s a good thing heat retention was one of the biggest factors we accounted for in the development of the Casper. The top layer of foam features a breathable, open-cell design to increase circulation. The memory foam layer beneath leverages airflow to pull heat out of the top layer, leaving you cool and comfortable. Air can pass freely, even when it contours to your body. So, don’t sweat it.

“With the comfort and support I get from my mattress, I’m zen as {expletive}!”

Can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling reinvigorated? Chances are your hand-me-down mattress is past its prime. The Casper was designed to support you for years to come. 10 mattress years to be exact.

“We can wake up tomorrow to a better world. Tonight, I sleep alone. But tomorrow, we sleep together.”

Want to wake up as zen as Michael Rapaport? Just go to casper.com. You’re welcome.

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