Can’t sleep? try these 12 things to bore you to bed

Don’t settle for staring at the ceiling or refreshing Facebook for the 7th time.

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  1. Watch paint dry.
  2. Read the dictionary. Don’t skip a single word.
  3. Learn a new language. Ding ding ding. LATIN.
  4. File your taxes. It’s never too early to dig up that W2.
  5. Listen to your grandparents tell the same stories about their childhood. Just give them a call to be reminded that the price of ice cream was only a nickel.
  6. Solve a calculus math problem from college. Without a calculator.
  7. Organize the files on your computer. Only three folders allowed and no social media breaks.
  8. Play the sounds of crickets. Or waves crashing. Or elevator music from your doctor’s office waiting room.
  9. Make a PowerPoint presentation about anything you want. The history of zoos? How the seafloor spreads? Dinosaur artifacts? The more slides, the better.
  10. Tune into public-access television. Antiques Roadshow! Why not?
  11. Go through your notes from that 3pm finance meeting. And when you finish, repeat.
  12. Unplug your Wi-Fi and stare outside the window instead of at your screen.

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